About CLC

Establishment with “Sincerity and Trustworthiness”, Development with Service and Quality.

About CLC

About CLC

Company Profile

Caring for Life, Utilizing Resources Wisely, and Contributing to Society to become a leading enterprise in the paper & packaging industry with diversification across the world through enthusiasm and innovation......

CLC Information

Cheng Loong Corporation, located in Panchiao District, New Taipei City,......

Business Overview

In 2018, the global economic and trade conditions were extremely complicated. Originally favorable emerging markets slowed down due to global turmoil arising from the US-China trade war...


With a sound organizational structure and precise integration strategy, to create the best operational performance of the Group.


Our professional and trustworthy management team is always dedicated to ensure the company continues to moving forward...


Dedication to quality, the environment, corporate social responsibility, and management performance.


Root in Taiwan, Deployment worldwide. Total packaging solutions. Excellent partner of enterprises.

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