From design, manufacture, transportation, to service,
We proactively promote sustainability programs
To achieve emissions and waste reduction and minimize environmental impacts.

CLC uses recovered paper as the major material and is Taiwan’s largest recovered paper utilizing company. From product design, manufacture, and delivery to customers, CLC cherishes resources and is committed to reducing environmental impacts at all stages, and is amongst the first few enterprises in Taiwan to implement the ISO 14000 environmental management system.
Through manufacturing improvement and the integrated application of energy and resources, we reduce raw material utilization, enhance efficiency, and inconstantly invest in high-performance pollution control equipment to reduce pollutant emissions. At the same time, by proactively operating the environmental management, GHG management, and energy management systems, promoting relevant improvement programs, and by continuously investing resources in development green products, we create sustainable corporate value.


Environmental Policy

Total participation, resources conservation, and environmental protection.

1. EMS operation
2. Development and application of clean production technology
3. Creation of green productivity

GHG Policy

Total participation, resources conservation, and GHG reduction.

1. Continuous GHG inventory and management
2. Resource and efficiency management and enhancement of eco-benefits
3. Development of renewable energy and GHG awareness education

Energy Policy

Total participation, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and green production.

1. Promotion of the energy management system (EnMS)
2. Enhancement of energy efficiency
3. Optimization of energy structure

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