Green Initiatives

To sustain Earth
We fulfill our CSR through environmental protection, environmental education, energy saving, and emissions reduction.

Go Green for a cleaner earth!

The recovery of waste paper can create secondary forests for resource recycling and reuse, avoid massive logging, and benefit energy saving and emissions reduction. Therefore, we initiated the “Go Green for a cleaner Earth” activity in 2011. Through the creation, display and interaction of paper art, we enrich art and culture diversity. By combining environmental protection, art, and charitable activities, we create countless new possibilities.


Events under Go Green for a More Beautiful Earth over the Years

Green Xmas Party

Description : Decoration of eco-Xmas trees
Beneficiary-Time : About 120 vulnerable children in New Taipei City

Green Art Summer: Paper Studio

Description : Visit to the first Paper Art Exhibition in southern Taiwan
Beneficiary-Time : About 230 students in remote areas of Yunlin, Chiayi, and Nantou

Green Eco-Marketplace

Description : Wastepaper for toilet paper. Charitable sale of pre-owned items of employees “Paper without logging” signature campaign Green challenge games
Beneficiary-Time : About 500 citizens from New Taipei City

Summer Art Fair: Paper Studio

Description : Visit to the paper art show and paper art DIY demonstration
Beneficiary-Time : About 100 students in remote areas of Yunlin, Chiayi, and Nantou

“From Paper with Love on Xmas: Pay Love Forward” Fair

Description : “Pay Love Forward” fund signature campaign Challenge games
Beneficiary-Time : About 1,000 citizens from New Taipei City

“Secondary Forest” LOHAS Forest

To encourage citizens to visit nature, love forests, and enjoy forests, we co-organized the “Huisun Wood Culture Festival” with National Chung Hsing University in 2011 by setting up the “Secondary Forest Pavilion” in Huisun Forestry Park to display the esthetics of recycled paper art and present paper diversity. We also arranged CLC volunteer guides to explain to visitors the importance of secondary forest to sustain Earth. Over the years, the “Secondary Forest Pavilion” has become an indicative event of the Festival for visitors to further and better understand nature and ecology and to encourage the public emphasize nature conservation in order to safeguard Taiwan, a beautiful island.



Plant tour

To conserve wastepaper resources, CLC implements full-scale “recovered paper collection” within the enterprise. Apart from recovering all office recovered paper, we encourage employees of all 11 mills and plants in Taiwan to recover household wastepaper regularly and promote wastepaper recovery after classification in communities and through various activities. Moreover, we open our mills and plants for agencies, groups, schools, and the public to visit in order for citizens to understand the process of recovered paper recovery, recycling, and reuse and to learn the need for a circular society through a plant tour and on-site machinery observation. In 2015, over 3,000 visitors visited our mills and plants in Taiwan. In 2015, we also sponsored various government and civilian activities, such as the “Take Taipei Metro for Green Stations”, to actively promote environmental education.


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